Dan T has your back. Together we can change your life & health for the better!
  • Our bodies’ natural state is fat-burning.
  • Discover my secret for dropping 4 inches in 60 days!
  • OPTIMIZE your approach to healthy lifestyles to get the  best possible result for your time invested!
  • Be accountable & help others move towards their goals too!
  • My own adapted version of a Paleo or Primal Approach, based on the evidence.
  • Experienced in Ketogenic diets and intermittent fasting as well.
  • I can help you plan lifestyles that work with our human FAT-BURNING  EVOLUTION and not against it!

Thanks for your patience. This site is a work in progress.


_MG_0196Dietitian Dan T welcomes Dave B from Paradigm Fitness Ottawa.

  • Dave B is one of the foremost experts in injury prevention & treatment in the fitness industry.
  • Let him design the ultimate fitness & fat loss exercise plan for you.
  • Based on evolutionary biology, not FAD pseudo-science!
  • Become inspired & reach your full potential!Thanks for your patience. This site is a work in progress.


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