EP33 If you’re bugging out do it right

EP33 If you’re bugging out do it right Today I’m flying solo, while trying not to wake the kids and together we’ll discuss why you might benefit from resetting your gut microbiome and also how to do it cost effectively. Be sure to let me know your opinions & questions in the comments section. Be sure to keep posted […]

The Paleo Diet…

I was asked to give a quick review of the Paleo diet for the Sports, Nutrition & Supplement Guide, a great new up & coming site dedicated to giving info on health, fitness, coaching & training!  Check it out by clicking on the banner on the Dietitian Dan T home page. I have many good things […]

How to Heal your Gut & WHY!!!

The one thing that has been missing from discussions and education about healthy lifestyles is the how critical it is to heal your gut & make sure it stays that way! There is more and more research suggesting that a “leaky gut” could be the underlying cause of many diseases that face modern humans and […]