Due to the overwhelming need I have found for people who are unable to come to my private studio, but still want the benefit of accountability and guidance I have partnered with Trainerize.com in order to provide online training.

Some of the benefits you can receive include:

* An initial meeting done through Skype so we can discuss your goals and progress personally.

* A self applied assessment tool designed to give me a broad scope of your ability so we can further design your program.  Measurements are not necessary unless this is part of your goal setting process.

* A fully updated program sent to you virtually based on each stage of your fitness progress.  Each program includes pictures or video so there is no confusion as to how to perform exercises correctly.  All programs are able to be adjusted if need be so that your workouts can stay appropriate for you.

* Weekly accountability and logging workouts directly through the web site – also available as an App loaded directly onto your smartphone with easy access at the gym.  If you forget an exercise or need a reminder it is right there for you.

* Work out in your home, personal gym or anywhere you like!  All programs will be designed to benefit you no matter where you work out.  I can also take into consideration machines and other apparatus since I am familiar with multiple types of equipment and their loading patterns.

* Nutrition consulting is also available at an additional cost through online chat programming.

This means that you can experience all the benefits of having a trainer without actually having to travel to my studio.  The experience is not quite the same as seeing a trainer one on one, but if you feel that it just isn’t possible or doesn’t fit within your budget, then maybe online training is for you!  Also great for people who have busy schedules and can’t see someone in a studio and have had a bad experience with a chain gym trainer in the past.

All programs are simply billed on a monthly basis which makes it easy and cost effective.  For less than the cost of a monthly gym membership you can also experience having a trainer.   Contact David at paradigmfitnessottawa@gmail.com for more details.

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If you would like to sign up directly, simply click the button below to be directed to my payment processor:

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