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This is your total lifestyle makeover!

Here’s how the TOTAL LIFESTYLE MAKEOVER works!

1) We’ll meet by your choice of modality (in person or virtually by SKYPE or Telephone) for our initial meeting, which should take about 1 hour.

2) I’ll use the information that I gather from our first meeting to create a personalized lifestyle change plan for you.

3) We’ll meet again (your choice again) so I can present your personalized lifestyle plan to you & give you my suggestions for the best way to start following it.

4) You will start living a new lifestyle.

5) I will be available to meet with you again up to once per week (virtually) AND once per month (in person) in both cases for the next two months from the date of our first meeting.  The purpose of this is to provide you with accountability & to help tweak your lifestyle plan as you start living it.

6) I will also be available for email contact (questions, etc…) for up to 6 months after the date of our initial meeting.

This is the WHOLE SHEBANG!  Purchase today!

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