Stockpile this

Stockpile This… The world is becoming a bit more chaotic day by day. Whatever your belief on the reasons why things have gone this far, the COVID-19 virus has been declared a global pandemic by the WHO. Are you being told to prepare for lengthy stays at home? Many people are. Now, it’s been quite […]

Evidence for Tools in the Toolbox

A quick one today. I will take a brief look at a recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition examined Intermittent Fasting (IF), Paleolithic diet (PD) or Mediterranean diets (MD) and compared results of weight-loss and other biomarkers of health and disease. Methods were as follows: Subjects (250 overweight, otherwise healthy adults chose […]

Keto with Caution

Ketogenic diets have become an incredibly hot topic as of late.  Many people swear by them, and many people will tell you to avoid them at all costs.  What’s the deal? Is it a good diet or a bad one?  Should you try it, or not?  I’m sure you’re at least partly familiar with a […]

How to get the most out of your fast

How to get the most out of your fast One of the questions that I get asked a lot is “are there anyways to boost your odds of success when using intermittent or alternate day fasting?” The answer is yes, but as to what specifically to do, that will depend on your buy in level […]

New Research Take 1

New Research Take 1 – Review of Research Article Dated October 20th, 2019 This is my brief take on a article recently published in Molecular Metabolism and outlined on Medical News Today. A recent study in Molecular Metabolism (Togo J, et al. 2019) examined a genetic breed of mice predisposed to metabolic perturbations (C57BL/6J mice). […]

An Excerpt from Intermittent Fasting for Metabolic Flexibility and Fat Loss

An Excerpt from Intermittent Fasting for Metabolic Flexibility and Fat Loss I’m always reading and researching on various strategies and concepts to help me control weight, improve metabolic health and get strong and fit. I’m excited to say, I’ve been trialling an interesting concept lately that seems to be working very well for me at […]

Welcome Back to New and Improved Dan T

Welcome Back to New and Improved Dan T Dan T here. Things are starting to come together and I’m ready to start posting regular content here, and am in the process of launching my new estore including services that I offer. I’m also exploring the idea of relaunching a podcast with perhaps both an audio […]

Your lifestyle your choice

Your lifestyle your choice Over the last 14 years of experience as a Dietitian in Ontario, Canada, I’ve developed a few useful tools/concepts to help clients better achieve their goals.  During these thousands of interactions, some very striking trends/associations emerged.  As this “model” evolved, research started to provide evidence for the components of overall health […]

Slow Cooker Sweet and Delicious Pork Tenderloin

This week’s recipe is for an awesome Slow-cooker sweet Pork Tenderloin. It is an absolutely delicious and incredibly nutritious dish, and requires only a small amount of prep-time. It can be Paleo/Primal or NON depending on your preference and substitutions. This can be made by other methods, but honestly I find the slow-cooker method the […]

Kale Chips

Kale Chips This week’s recipe is for a great snacky-good but healthy treat! Kale is an awesome low-carb, nutrient-dense vegetable that is full of nutritional benefits (here). My wife was keen on working these into our rotation to replace higher carb snack treats.  We had tried to make them in the past, but often we […]

STAY OUT OF KETOSIS… signed the weight loss industry!

 STAY OUT OF KETOSIS!!! Yes. That’s right.  The weight loss industry wants you to be afraid of ketosis so you will stay heavy and need to buy more crap to try to get lean!  Oh yeah. And grain producers & food companies want this too, because then you will be a “heavy user”. – YES.  […]

Pastured Beef Liver

This week’s recipe is for an incredible old-school dish – LIVER!  Cue Hannibal Lecter & his creepy lip sucking sound & the classic quote: “I’ll eat your liver with a side of onions & fava beans” Cannibal circles aside, most of us don’t hear or talk much about eating liver currently, because as you will […]

Real Chicken Noodle Soup

This week’s recipe is for an incredible actually healthy chicken Noodle soup! This one will actually heal your ailments, unlike the store bought “crap”, probably the best known of which rhymes with schmipton’s!!!  No real bone broth in there baby! In classic choose your own adventure style, I will include a regular & one of […]

Hearty Yuca Root

This recipe is great for an occasional carb-refeed.  Particularly, if you do glycogen-demanding sports as a post-workout meal (i.e. Cross fit, Combat Sports, hockey or football, etc…),  those competitive athletes (high training volumes) in these sports or even those who do high intensity workouts (HIIT/Tabatas) for more than 5 hours per week.  Again, not an […]

Quick and Easy Pastured Drumsticks

Today’s recipe is another (relatively) easy one!  It can be done in a slow cooker or just in a frying pan.  This is very similar to my slow cooker whole chicken (here), but quicker, since you’re dealing with smaller cuts of poultry. Quick and Easy Pastured Drumsticks For this recipe you will need for this recipe: 2-4 […]

Slow Cooker Whole Chicken

Today’s recipe is another (relatively) easy one! Seriously, I don’t have time to mess around with tonnes of preparations.  So here’s a staple that we use weekly to help us get good quality protein & fats, as well as start stock-piling bones & carcass for our REAL BONE BROTH (here).  Slow Cooker Whole Chicken For […]