Hi guys!  After much consideration and thought, I’ve decided that it’s time to put this show on pause until further notice.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing these PODCASTS, but they are a significant amount of work and at this point are not generating any money for me, so I can’t justify the time spent currently.  I am certain that I will come back, with more content, but right now there are some things that require my attention more.

The main factors are (in no particular order):

1) Increased the number of clients I help in the private sector, which is great, but when combined with my full time job at a hospital, is a large time commitment.

2) Several new research projects on the go at the hospital I work at, and obviously also related to my PhD.

3) I work off-shifts with my wife in order to be with our kids more and this is awesome and very fun but a significant chunk of time.

4) Working towards my personal training license and specializing in a few areas I’ve identified as very important.

5) I will be renovating the website in the near future and will notify all subscribers when this is happening and what to expect.

So, I hope that you can understand where my head is at and why it’s necessary for me to pull away from this PODCAST for a while.

Please continue to check back for new content on the site, because I will continue to write blog entries and even publish a podcast episode or two but NOT necessarily at REGULAR intervals.  If you are already subscribed to the web-site then you will be updated as new content is released, so rest easy.  I will definitely be publishing more recipes and pieces on psychology of making change, etc… in the near future.

Anyway, I appreciate you all taking the time to listen to me and this show and for checking out my blog.

Take care and we will be in touch soon!

Be sure to let me know your opinions & questions in the comments section for any of the content I’ve published. Also, please share this website and PODCAST with your friends if you think they might benefit from it.

Take care and be healthy, happy and prosperous!

Dan T

Listen to the Final (for now) Episode #43 here:

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