tetrisEP42 CMOH Playing Tetris and Eating Protein for health

Hi guys! This week, Dan briefly geeks out about two interesting studies that were in the research recently.

The first study suggests that playing an engaging game like Tetris for even 3 minutes per day can actually decrease cravings for drugs and similar substances, behaviors like sleeping and sex as well as cravings for various foods.

The second study provides evidence that overweight/obese adolescents who normally skip breakfast actually lose body fat and prevent body fat gain, when they consume a high-protein breakfast vs. one that is low in protein.

I hope you enjoy my take on these two interesting studies.

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Enjoy the show!

Dan T

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Things discussed during this PODCAST

Study on Tetris decreasing drug and other cravings (here).

Study on the benefits of consuming a high-protein breakfast vs. a normal-protein breakfast in overweight/obese breakfast-skipping adolescents (here).

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