Anna VocinoEP41 CMOH Rehash Interview with Anna Vocino

Hi guys!  This week, Dan’s battling more serious laryngitis!!  As a result, we’ve got to rehash some old material.  I should be back with a new episode next week!

In this episode Dan gets to crush all over Anna Vocino (instead of Vinnie).  What’s not to like, she’s beautiful and has an amazing voice.  So much so, she is the first woman to be the Voice of ABC’s Thursday Prime Time line up!!!  Anyway, she is an incredible interview.  Absolutely a class act & extremely genuine!  After listening to this episode (& #10- Dan’s interview with Vinnie) it will be abundantly clear to you why her & Vinnie have had such incredible success with their Angriest trainer podcast.

Anna is a voice over actress by trade.  Below you’ll see a link to her site, where you can get a sense of the (many) incredible things she’s done.  During the interview Dan gushes a fair amount, probably because it’s his childhood dream to be an actor & particularly funny voices was his thing!!!

Anyway, listen in now to learn why Anna is so passionate about health & fitness (through NSNG) and why her & Dan believe that NSNG, Paleo and Low Carb/High Fat are quite possibly the solution for most!  She is so passionate about this lifestyle that she is creating an amazing NSNG cookbook.

Anna shares her success secret that has helped her turn her voice over career into high gear (recently) and Dan & Anna will challenge you and their followers on the internet to increase their odds of successfully changing their lives by using a principle via twitter/fbook campaign that they are calling #3omornings!  Listen in to learn about this critical key to success!

Listen to Episode 41 here:

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Things discussed during this PODCAST

Anna Vocino’s Professional Site (here).

Gluten Free Anna Site (here).

The Angriest Trainer Podcast (website) and (Itunes).

Robb Wolf’s site (here).

Dr. Sarah Gotfried hormone cure book (here).

The Health Bridge Podcast (here).

Dr. Pedram Shojai’s Origins movie (here).

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