vinnie_podcast_cover_282EP39 CMOH REHASH Interview with Vinnie Tortorich Again

Hi guys!  This week, Dan’s battling some serious laryngitis!!  As a result, we’ve got to rehash some old material.  Only took me 38 episodes to get there!  I should be back with a new episode next week!

In this rehashed episode of the CMOH podcast, you can listen to Dan getting the opportunity to enhance his man crush on Vinnie Tortorich.  Honestly, they seem to have fun every time they talk!  In fact, they had so much fun when they spoke that they ended up doing 2 interviews (explanation inside)!

Listen in as they hash out some of the frustrating issues facing the health care industry. Stay tuned for Vinnie’s number one tip to make sure you avoid being a RESOLUTIONIST (aka just another statistic)! He also shares his top 3 biggest bang for buck lifestyle changes that you can make today! Enjoy this PODCAST (again) in health & fitness!

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Thanks guys!

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Dan T & Dave B

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You can’t cram for your health (concept conceived live during this episode).

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