EP38 Won’t somebody think about the children

On today’s show, I rap on some of the challenges facing our kids (& us) today with respect to physical injuries, food addiction and the like.

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Things talked about in this PODCAST

Activity is low in Canadian (here) and American (here) youth.

Increase in Injuries in Kids (here).

Japanese Jiu Jitsu Front Roll (here).

Canada Fitness Award Program (here).

Presidential Youth Fitness Program in the US (here).

Sadly, the standards for fitness of our youth, are decreasing to just try to capture health only (here).

The decline of the Playground (here).

Mark’s Daily Apple play ideas (here).

Darryl Edward’s Paleo Fitness Book (here).

Sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine (here) and (here).

Prior PODCAST on 2015 USDA Nutrition Guidelines (here).

Changes in the health and wellness marketplace economics (here).

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