EP37 Sixteen Apps to help you change your life

On today’s show, I countdown some awesome apps that can help you make the lifestyle changes that you want to make.

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Dan T

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Things talked about in this PODCAST

Prior post on importance of sleep (here) and podcast on same (here).

Flux app for PC (here).

Twilight app for Android (here).

Sleep for Android app (here).

Fitbit site (here).

Jawbone UP site (here).

MisFit site (here).

Garmin wearable site (here).

Prior episode on maximizing your brain function (here).

Headspace app (here).

Mindroid app (here).

Harmony app (here).

Prior post on best portion planning guide (here).

Prior posts on the REAL DANGERS in your DIET (here) and (here).

MyFitnessPal app (here).

MyNetDiary app (here).

Prior episode on health changes for the incredibly busy (including HIIT) (here).

Prior post on Hormesis (here) and episode on same (here).

Runtastic app (here).

Endomondo app (here).

RunKeeper app (here).

MapmyRun app (here).

Runtastic Timer app (here).

Tabata Timer app (here).

Fitocracy app (here).

Gymga site (here).

Prior posts on the power of your WHY (here) and (here).

Prior post on building leverage on yourself to motivate behavior change (here).

Prior post on Negative Automatic Thoughts (here).

List – Daily Success Checklist app (here).

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