Pat Owen ImageEP36 Interview with Patrick Owen On today’s show, I interview my friend and colleague Pat Owen, a truly great Canadian Mind on Health.

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Things talked about in this PODCAST

Pat’s Facebook page – be sure to like him and follow for updates (here).

Pat’s LinkedIn page with links to his publications (here).

Prior rants on the health care system (here) and (here).

Interview with Vinnie Tortorich on CMOH (here) and on the Angriest Trainer (here).

Dietitians for integrity in practice (here).

Nutritionism coined by Michael Pollan (here).

Prior post on importance of sleep (here) and podcast on same (here).

Flux app for PC (here).

Twilight app for android (here).

Pat’s article on Stress and Cortisol management (here) and his Thrive video on Mindfulness (here).

Club Atwater in Montreal (here).

Pat’s articles for (here).

Pat’s videos for Thrive ( (here).

Pat’s Publications (Scientific and NON):

SuperFoods Cookbook (here).

Edible and Medicinal Plants of Canada (here).

Eating and Healing Traditional Foods as Medicine (here).

Pat’s websites (coming soon) (here) and (here).

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