EP30 Healthiest and Fittest Summer Ever

Today Dave and I talk about strategies to make this your healthiest and fittest summer ever!!

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Dan T & Dave B

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Things talked about in this PODCAST

The Origin of Gatorade (here).

Hyponatremia (low sodium in the blood) (here).

Prior post including Urine Hydration color chart (here).

Some of the recorded problems with sunscreen itself (here).

Tanning increases serum Vitamin D (here).

Review of Tanning beds, Skin Cancer and Vitamin D (here).

Seasonal Light/Dark Cycles from prior posts (here).

Hibernation in Bears as Metabolic Syndrome (here).

Prior post on Seasonal Food Availability (here).

Prior post on Metabolism and Mental Health (here).

Prior PODCAST episode on locally grown foods (here).

Prior PODCAST episode on avoiding the pitfalls of the warmer weather lifestyles (here).

The Darwin Awards (here).

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