Burn FatEP25 Five ways to Start Burning Fat Fast

Today the boys chat on the topic of Playoff Hockey & the NHL Lottery debacle!  Oh wait, well maybe for a few minutes, but then they get back on track & chat about Five strategies that you can use to start burning body fat fast!


Enjoy the show! Talk to you next week!

Dan T & Dave B

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Things talked about in this PODCAST

Prior post on Ketosis does not equal Ketoacidosis (here).

Positive Metabolic effects of Very-Low Carbohydrate diets (here).

Prior post on Intermittent Fasting (here).

One perspective on Intermittent Fasting by Brad Pilon (here).

Prior post on Making a Bone Broth (here).

Ori Hoefmakler (here).

Chris Rock (here).

HIIT (here) and TABATA (here).

Strength Training and Fat Loss with Muscle Mass preservation (here).

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