EP24  Getting Back into Outdoor ActivitiesOutdoor activities

Dave & Dan talk about 4 common problems they encounter in people trying to get back into active life in the warmer weather (for those of us in Canada an the Northern US).

1) People tend to dive in too hard too soon, when first getting back into things!!  Must recondition yourself to these activities, since you haven’t done them in quite some time!

2) Trying to rush fat loss or going on a full blown crash diet vs. trying to establish a maintainable lifestyle change!

3) Be creative in your outdoor activities.  Sign up for activities that commit you to a group or team & that you enjoy, so you will do them CONSISTENTLY!!  Also, dangerous traps to WATCH OUT FOR!

4) Patio parties – BBQ, outdoor eating, the booze flows easier when it’s not frozen!!

Dave & Dan give tips to help you avoid these pitfalls!

Enjoy the show! Talk to you next week!

Dan T & Dave B

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We apologize for the audio quality, but our SKYPE connection was not feeling it on this one!  We should get it resolved for next time.

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