EP22 The Truth in the Fools

Today’s show is a tribute to April Fools Day!  We hope you enjoy our “twisted humor” look at some of the wacky ways that people have tried to battle the bulge throughout time!

Enjoy the show! Talk to you next week!

Dan T & Dave B

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Things discussed during this PODCAST

KETOSIS WILL KILL YOU – Dan’s prior post on Ketosis vs. Ketoacidosis (here).

Prior PODCAST Episode on the (here).

The Cabbage soup diet (here).

Tapeworm diet (here); YouTube video about Tapeworm extraction (WARNING GRAPHIC) (here).

Colonic Hydrotherapy (here).

Vomitoriums (here).

Foot Cleansing Pads (here).

Tongue Patch (here).

Prior Podcast Episode on Bariatric Surgery (here).

Ear Stapling (here).

Weight Loss Balloon (here).

Montreal Coffee & Cigarette Diet (here).

Crack Pipe Diet (here) and the CART mechanism (here).

You on a Diet book (here).

Fen Phen diet pills (here).

Starvation diets (here).

Baby Food diet (here).

Juice Cleanses (here).

Ineffectiveness of Colon + Liver Cleanses (here).

Prior post on Green Smoothies (here).

CBC Marketplace on Natural Products (here) and on Homeopathy Part I (here) and Part II (here).

Health Canada Advisories, Warning & Recall list (here).

Fake meal in a pill (Fexaramine) (here).

YouTube video on the Shake Weight (here).

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