Jason Statham 1 March MadnessEP21 The Madness of March

March is here & there is definitely madness in the air.  Not just bracetology, but now is the time when we might start thinking about how to shed that excess winter weight (body fat) so that we can look better/good naked!

In today’s show, we discuss how this time of year brings with it tonnes of people who while striving to “look better (almost) naked” will purchase training programs designed for high performance athletes or amazing actors/actresses and follow them as religiously as a new inductee into a cult who believes that their doctrine is the ultimate truth!

Now, we are all for motivation to get people up and moving, but unfortunately, not only is this a waste of money, but it’s more often than not a waste of time & actually dangerous or unhealthy for the person, other than the person for whom the program was designed!!!

Dan’s Experience with this:

Case in point, I really like Jason Statham, and not just because he’s got the same hairline as me, because he a cool older dude who is absolutely ripped!  And I’ve bought countless magazines over the years because I wanted to look more like him physically, so I followed the workout that was designed for him. Obviously, I know better now, but you know what’s interesting?  While I was doing this, I was definitely more fit, but I was not very healthy, because I was burning out a lot, and completely wiped out!  Fortunately, I had a decent baseline of fitness to start with, otherwise, I might have also been injured, which definitely would have put a damper on my fitness goals!  Right?  The challenge is that the program that I was using was designed for Jason Statham, his life, body type, fitness & asthetic goals, as well as his time availability for exercise daily; which without knowing every detail, I think it’s safe to say is much more than mine, given that I work a full time job, take care of 2 young girls & run a private nutrition counseling practice & this online business!!!  All in addition to pursuing my PhD in Human Nutrition Science!  Anyway, you get the point, much of jobs & business require hours of sitting!  So killing it in the gym for prolonged periods of time is not a good idea when that’s your reality!  Shorter times (like HIIT & TABATA), well that’s a different story and we’ll save that for another episode!  I just wanted to share my experience with you so you know that this phenomenon is a very common occurrence & how a lot of fitness magazines stay in business!

Enjoy the show! Talk to you next week!

Dan T & Dave B

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