FDA Appetite Suppressant ImplantEP19 Cutting thoughts on Bariatric Surgery

Recently, Dave stumbled across an article about a new procedure in which you get a computer device implanted into your stomach. No, it doesn’t make your stomach impervious to even the hottest of the hot chilis (now that would be AWESOME), it’s actually another (recently) approved treatment for obesity in which this device essentially turns your hunger off!   Check out the original device article abstract for yourself (here) (membership required for full).Bariatric surgery

In today’s show, we provide some Cutting thoughts on Bariatric Surgery for you to ponder.  We just want to make sure that you, the listener, whether health professional, MD, Researcher or a client considering methods for fat loss, think about all sides of the arguments, through the filter of our years of experience and thousands of fat loss clients (between the two of us)!

Enjoy the show! Talk to you next week!

Dan T & Dave B

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Things discussed during this PODCAST

Increased suicide rates with Bariatric Surgery (here).

Weight regain after Bariatric Surgery (here).

Edmonton Obesity Staging System (great explanation from Dr. Arya Sharma’s own blog) (here)

Examples of Post-Op Bariatric Surgery Nutrition Guidelines (here).

Nutrition Implications of Bariatric Surgery (here).

Obesity as an eating disorder (here).

Obesity as addiction model (here) and (here).

Prior post on sugar being more addictive vs. cocaine (here).

Self-efficacy (here).

Lower carb/Paleo after Bariatric Surgery (here).

Prior post on Redefining why part 1 & 2 (here) & (here) and on creating your WHY Story (here);

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