EP17 Get the F$*! up or die!

No, it’s NOT the name of the latest Action movie starring Steven Seagal or Jason Statham.  But, it probably could be!  We’re talking about a strategy that we can all use to SAVE OUR LIVES!  Literally, getting up to prevent the negative effects of sitting too much!

By nositting-risk-of-death1-598x535w, you’ve heard the links. Sitting too much can kill you!

Kid Squatting Properly
Can kids teach us proper techniques?

Today, Dave and Dan discuss the finer points of sitting and mortality and what you can do to help yourself prevent this from happening to you!

Interestingly, if you have young kids, as we both do, when you watch them sit, their first choice is NOT a chair, they drop their butts to the ground & squat like the picture to the right.  And their technique, balance & flexibility is pretty much perfect!

Maybe we should all get back in touch with that child-like part of ourselves?  Eh?

Enjoy the show!  Talk to you next week!

Dan T & Dave B

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Things discussed during this PODCAST

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Link between sitting and mortality (here).

Sitting increases mortality despite exercise (here).

Link between sitting and CVD risk (here).

The Pomodoro method for getting up every 20 mins or so (here) and apps for timing your standing/moving breaks for computer (here), for your IPHONE (here) or your android device (here).

Benefits of standing at work (here).

Primal Movement patterns (here).

Bo on the go (Netflix show with kids moving) (here).

Podcast interview with Anna Vocino (here).

#30 mornings challenege (here).

Prior Podcast where Dave & Dan discuss lifestyle changes for the busy (here).

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