If we did this every time it snowed in Canada, we'd mostly be dead!
If we did this every time it snowed in Canada, we’d be dead!

Dan Shovelling Snowmageddon

EP16 SNOW-mageddon Feb 2015 Why calories don’t always matter

Well, it happened.  Another SNOW-mageddon.

Today Dave & Dan chat about Homeostasis & how the body strives for balance.  There are many mechanisms in place that the body uses to trump card that super-cedes even something as basic as thermodynamics.insulinglucagon

They briefly discuss biological feedback loops & use the example of the insulin/glucagon cycle to drive home a point about the major flaw in the calories in/calories out model.

They discuss how the Insulin can trump a great workout and grind fat-burning to a halt in someone who is trying to burn fat and overloads the carbs.

They discuss the importance of using GREEN smoothies vs. fruit smoothies for health & fat loss!

Furthermore, they discuss when glucose is an appropriate fuel for sport (i.e. the glycolytic energy metabolism pathway sports).

Enjoy the show!  Talk to you next week!

Dan T & Dave B

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Things discussed during this PODCAST

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Homeostasis defined (here) and the 4 laws of thermodynamics (here).

Examples of biological feedback loops (here).

Green smoothie for lower sugar (here).

Glycolytic pathway sports examples – Ultra Long Distance, Sprinters, MMA, Fighting Sports with intense rounds (here).

Vinnie Tortorich podcast episode with sugar trickle technique (here).

mTOR signalling pathway and ageing (here).

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