grass-fed-beef-new-york-hillside_425This is a quick & easy staple in our house.  It might seem a bit surprising that it doesn’t have the USUAL ingredients people associate with heart health.  Quite honestly, that’s because most people today mis-understand what is truly healthy for the heart (including many health practitioners).  Also, keep in mind that this recipe was not sponsored by an oat company, or a fish-farm, or a vegetable oil company, and therefore it’s completely unbiased!!!

Slow Cooker Pastured Beef Stew

For this you will need:

– 1 lbs (454 g) of Pastured (Grass-Fed) Ground Beef.

– 3-5 cups of a truly home-made BONE BROTH (here).

– 3-5 tablespoons (44-74 ml) of Coconut oil or Pastured Butter.

– At this point you can add in whatever veggies you have, want to use up or like.  Here’s a typical breakdown for one of our stews.

– 1-2 medium sized onions (peeled & chopped).beef-stew-crockpot-recipe

– 2-4 cloves of garlic.

– 4 cups of Spinach chopped.

– 4-8 stalks of celery chopped.

– 2-4 medium sweet potatoes (peeled & sliced or chopped (your preference)) – If we want/need the carbs, we can even go up a bit on this or combine with another starchy vegetable.

– 3-5 medium organic carrots washed (or peeled) & chopped.

– 1 (large) can of stewed tomatoes (or stew your own) – if you are NOT eating tomatoes, then you can easily leave this out, no worries.


1) You can brown the meat first if you like, but honestly you don’t have to.  You can just add all ingredients into the slow cooker at the same time.

2) Set to low for 12-18 hours or Set to high for 8-12 hours.  This might depend on whether you are starting with frozen ground beef or fresh/thawed.

3) Season how you like.  You can do salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, or even curry, cinnamon, tumeric, etc…  I would suggest that if you use curry, cinnamon & tumeric that you also include some full fat coconut milk (the one in the can).

4) Serve & Enjoy warm!

This is an amazing nutrition bullet & incredibly satisfying & will literally warm your body from the inside out!!  Our kids even love it & the amount of nutrition they get out if is INCREDIBLE!!!

Important info about the current research on heart disease

I’ve covered this in more detail in a previous blog post (here).   However, here are some key points to let you know why this dish is actually good for your heart.

Importantly, pastured (Grass-Fed) beef contains much more omega 3 fatty acids than grain fed (regular commercially produced) beef (here).  In fact, these levels are comparable to that of wild caught salmon.

Also, saturated fats like those found in high amounts in coconut oil & Pastured Butter have been shown to have NO ASSOCIATION with cardiovascular disease (here) and are much more resistant to oxidation when cooking at high temperatures (here).  Oxidation of fatty acids is one of the mechanisms responsible for increasing heart disease risk (here).

It’s also worth mentioning that many of the Indian spices are known to have positive effects on heart health (here).

I hope you enjoy this recipe & love eating it as much as we do!

Take care & be healthy!

Dan T

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