MorningHabitsOf_1In this weeks’ podcast episode, Anna Vocino & I challenged listeners/followers to “(re) commit to yourself” by recommitting to their goals/resolutions & make a true investment in yourself!  This habit is used by many highly effective people (here) and will definitely change your life for the better!

Essentially, the challenge is this.  Get up earlier every day for 30 mornings.  It could be 1 hour, 30 mins or even 15 min earlier.  Take the extra time to invest in YOU.

Do an HIIT workout, prepare some healthy NSNG, Paleo or Low Carb, High Fat meals/snacks for your week; spend some quiet time with your own thoughts; meditate; pray; just do SOMETHING for you, before the day moves on and everyone else has a chance to get at you!

This habit has been shown to be common in some of the most successful people on the planet.  See what it can do for you.

Be sure to listen this weeks’ PODCAST interview (here) with Anna Vocino.  She is awesome & you can listen to her tell you how she used this tactic to help increase her job success!

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