Results or ExcusesEP14 Too busy to change your lifestyle?

Sound familiar?

If so, then I would say to you, that YOU DEFINITELY NEED TO CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE!  And stop holding onto the story that you are too busy to change!

This and other time-related obstacles are probably the biggest argument against making a change that any health professional will hear!

The bottom line is that if you are letting this supposed obstacle stop your progress, you are INDIFFERENT about what benefits you will derive from actually making the change.  If you think that robbing a bank would be met with a slap on the wrist, but you got to keep the money, there would probably be a lot more bank-robbing going on!  (Take note Welfare & Healthcare systems)!!!Habit forming

So enjoy this PODCAST episode as it will give you some strategies you can use tonight to be able to make progress towards your goal (i.e. the changes you are trying to make).  Dan shares his top time-saving Kitchen items that you should have in your kitchen!!!

Remember the saying “First we form habits, then they form us”.  Don’t let your excuses like I’m too busy become your habit & then your life!

Change it today!  Start by listening to this Episode!

Listen to Episode 14 here:

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 Things discussed during this PODCAST

Free getting started eGUIDE (sign up and we will send you a link to these documents)

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Prior post on tracking behaviors to reinforce your behavior change (here).

Dan T’s Real Slow-cooker Broth Recipe example (coming soon).

Baby-led weaning (here).

Infants first-food recommendations – just ignore the fortified cereal, unless you need it, meats are definitely best (here).

Successful habits are done in the morning (here).

Isometric Resistance (here).

Benefits of HIIT (here) and Tabata (here).

Benefits of Bodyweight workouts (here).

Stand up desk option (here).

No Sugar No Grains support community – through Vinnie Tortorich’s forum (here).

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