The link illustrated between sugar consumption (per individual) and obesity prevalence. Any questions?

EP13 The highs and lows of Blood Sugar

This week Dave & I discuss the highs & lows of Blood Sugar including the finer points of glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL) and which one is absolutely critical to controlling body fat!

Listen to learn more about:

a) How does blood sugar work? (here)

b) GI defined (here) vs. GL defined (here).

c) GL equation (here).

d) Why calorie restriction diets set people up to get fatter (here).

e) Examples of pharmaceutical Research Bias in Healthcare (here).

f) The story of the invention of Gatorade (here).

h) My previous discussion on the Real Danger in your diet (here) and (here).

i) Previous Discussion on Goal Setting (here) and (here).

Listen to Episode 13 here:

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