AnnGreen-002EP12 Time for a STRETCH-Yoga and Bliss-Interview with Ann Green

This week Dave interviews Ann Green a yoga instructor from Barrie, Ontario.

During this interview, they cover a wide variety of topics.

Listen to learn more about:

a) the benefits of yoga for athletes;

b) what the heck does Ann mean by cross-polination movement?

c) How to use YOGA to achieve Intelligent Bliss?

d) How YOGA can help all physical & mental exercise?

e) Ann’s tips for getting into YOGA.

f) Her thoughts on why being shine-filled is key to bliss! g) What is MI Yoga (no, it won’t necessarily give you a heart attack).

h) The importance of flow & the sequence of movements in Yoga.

i)  Tensegrity by Buckminster Fuller (here).

j) Yoga warriors (here).

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Things referred to during this PODCAST

Information on the SOMA system (here).

You can find more about Ann and her work with yoga (here).

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