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We hope our US friends had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend and that you’re coming out of your Turkey comas!

I wanted to take a second to share a bit about a really exciting YouTube movie that’s become available over the last week and a half or so!

It’s called Origins and it is the follow up movie to Dr. Pedrahm Shojai’s first movie (Netflix) called Vitality.  It’s a huge project and involves a slew of bloggers, authors & entrepreneurs involved in the Biohacking Health Movement & most of those who collectively share their content in the online magazine Be More (here).  In addition to being a movie producer he is an oriental medical practioner, a father, a kung-fu master & the founder of

You can see clips from the Worldwide Premiere of Origins here.  The sign up and watch for free is over, but it is well worth the cost of the DVD!!!

Origins Exclusive Worldwide Preimiere

Anyway, the video is excellent.  It was very well done!  It really does a great job illustrating how important our lifestyles are to our genetic expression and how humans industrializing agriculture is one of the biggest mistakes in our history & could be setting us up for extinction!  I also really like the way the video discusses two of the major issues in human health that conventional medicine pretty much ignores – specifically leaky gut & endocrine disruptors!   They lay everything out in a very easy to understand & interesting way!  Obviously, I agree with leaky gut as I’ve discussed it in a past post (here).  I haven’t spoke to endocrine disruptors as I don’t feel qualified to discuss these (except from processed foods), but there is a lot of evidence mounting on the negative effects of these and they do a great job outlining this in the movie.

Be sure to check our his website for more info & free & paid programs that you can take part in to improve your life & health!

This is a great movie by an amazing teacher/healer in our world.  Give him & his crew some CMOH love!  Watch the video, like the video & check out his PODCAST with Dr. Sara Gottfried (here).

Hope this post finds you well!

Have an amazing week!

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