Dads our lifestyles matter too!

Hi everyone!  It’s been a very busy couple of weeks.  There was no PODCAST last week as I have struggling with laryngitis!   Hopefully, I will be one tomorrow morning & I will be interviewing Vinnie Tortorich this week as well as doing an interview for another PODCAST  by the @Metabolic_Man – Dan O’Briene.

Anyway, I found an interesting article today that I think is worth discussing here.  First, let me tell that I’ve written about epigenetics before & you can check that post out as a primer (here).

It was published earlier this month (Dec 4, 2014) and you can find the publication here (access required for full).

This study was very interesting, although it was done in fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster), evidence for these same mechanisms has been demonstrated in both mice & humans, and it raises interesting suggestions for ways that fathers lifestyle habits might program their children for life.  Specifically in this case, father consuming higher sugar for a few days before conception leads to a metabolic reprogramming of the offspring such that they will appear (phenotype) more obese.

It’s obvious to most, that Mom’s diet has a direct impact on the genetic expression (epigenetics) of their offspring, if for no other reason than the offspring are being exposed the mom’s internal environmObeseFamilyinFrontofFastFoodRestaurantent for varying lengths of time, however, until recently, Dad’s have seemed to escape culpability.  However, this line of questioning & the study here discussed today go a long way to change that perspective.  Both parents are contributing not only to the genetic structure of the child, but also to the epigenetics that will determine which genes that the child possesses are turned on and which are turned off.  Period.  It’s refreshing as a Dad to know that, WHAT WE DO DOES MATTER!

F2.largeInterestingly, many of the genes involved in expression of obesity are also present in type 2 diabetes (here)!




So, even though there is much more research to do & likely as with most findings general practice won’t catch up with the research for 17 years!  WOW!  It wouldn’t hurt anyone, especially our next generation (won’t somebody please think of the children), if Mom’s & Dad’s all dialed in their lifestyles to at least avoid sugar!!

I’ve written about the challenges with sugar before, check out my previous posts for more (here & here).

I hope this post finds you well!

In health,

Dan T

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