The Real Danger in Diet

Recently the Obesity Society released results about intake patterns in the US and the following article was written about that (here).  It’s nice that it’s finally being acknowledged that the increase in sugar consumption has happened over the last 30 years!!  Actually, it’s been increasing for much longer than that (here).

sugar addiction cycle

In my opinion, this is the direct result of the PROMOTION of a LOW FAT DIET!  Food companies want to sell, and flavor sells, so with fat out of the picture, the only other flavors are SUGAR or SALT, so naturally sugar intake has gone up as fat intake has decreased!  How’s that working out by the way!

Furthermore, this says nothing of total carbohydrate amount, only that the average American adult consumes 180 g of sugar /day!  Which is WAY TOO MUCH!  Actually, I think ANY is TOO MUCH, because it is super hyper-palatable, meaning it’s super addictive.  Check out the sugar addiction cycle here.  There’s a lot to this, and unfortunately, it is mostly IGNORED by many health professionals!  It’s a damn SHAME!

Not convinced yet.  Check out this (by now infamous pic).

sugar vs cocaine






As you can see, the regions of the brain stimulated by SUGAR are the SAME as COCAINE!  And because sugar is so readily available SUGAR actually stimulates the brain MORE vs. COCAINE (here)!  Amazing!  And of course, adding sugar is perfectly legal!  Not to mention adding it to products that we give to children!  It’s time to WAKE UP people!  Giving your kids that sugar is actually hurting them for life!

Interestingly, withdrawal from sugar is mainly low energy & increased cravings for a period of time, usually as little as 4 days, up to 1 month, depending on the person.  Once you pass through that threshold, it’s very liberating, because your energy levels increase and seem boundless (as you adapt your cells to burning fat (again)) and your appetite goes way down as the ketone bodies start to circulate in your bloodstream.  This is much more pronounced in a ketogenic diet (here), but still happens to some degree when people give up sugar (and refined carbs like grains), because there is a big drop in overall carbohydrate intake.  Obviously, this is absolutely key for FAT LOSS because the drop in carbohydrate intake keeps insulin levels low and for diabetes it lowers the need for insulin (here), both of which are good!

Anyway, the take home from all of this is VERY SIMPLE!  Drop the SUGAR & the GRAINS.  I’ve touched on the SUGAR today and will touch on the GRAINS in a future post!

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