Refined Grains
In a recent post I discussed the REAL DANGER in Diet (part 1) was SUGAR.  You can see that post here.

Today, I will briefly touch on the other REAL DANGER in Diet (part 2) which is…. TA DA… GRAINS.

The bottom line is that GRAINS contain highly addictive compounds (here) and most are milled (i.e. ground into very fine powders) & pressed into shapes, etc… all of which causes them to become very highly refined carbohydrates.  Dave & I discussed this in a previous PODCAST, you can listen to that here.

The fact that the industry & health professionals talk about healthy whole grains makes me want to puke!  Honestly, with the exception of a whole kernel of unadulterated grain (i.e. whole white rice, whole steel-cut oat (not flaked), etc…)  Anyway, I think you get the point, there are very few.  Once they are milled & turned into flours, then they are DEFINITELY NOT WHOLE ANYTHING and they become nothing more than HIGHLY REFINED CARBS!

Probably the biggest challenge for people is that if they are trying to shift their bodies to fat burning, they will work hard at giving up sugar, but they continue to eat quote ” healthy whole grains” and these just keep their taste buds & their cells addicted to refined carbs, and eventually they find their way back to sugar.

Do yourself a favor, SERIOUSLY!  Give up BOTH grains & sugars for 30-60 days together.  This will help you break out of the addiction patterns & jump-start your body’s ability to burn fat (flip Pattye-Zamborsky-Ludwig-Wheat-Heroine1the cellular switch from sugar-burning to fat-burning).

Remember that withdrawal from sugar & grains is mainly low energy & increased cravings for a period of time, usually as little as 4 days, up to 1 month, depending on the person.  Once you pass through that threshold, it’s very liberating, because your energy levels increase and seem boundless (as you adapt your cells to burning fat (again)) and your appetite goes way down as the ketone bodies start to circulate in your bloodstream.  This is much more pronounced in a ketogenic diet (here), but still happens to some degree when people give up sugar (and refined carbs like grains), because there is a big drop in overall carbohydrate intake.  Obviously, this is absolutely key for FAT LOSS because the drop in carbohydrate intake keeps insulin levels low and for diabetes it lowers the need for insulin (here), both of which are good!

Anyway, the take home from all of this is VERY SIMPLE!  Drop the SUGAR & the GRAINS.  I’ve touched on the SUGAR today and will touch on the GRAINS in a future post!

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