Quick review of the Angriest Trainer

I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know that I had the privilege of being a guest on the Angriest Trainer podcast with Vinnie Tortorich and Anna Vocino (here).  Actually, since then, my wife has accused me of having a Man-crush on Vinnie & she won’t even mention Anna!  I guess I’ve been gushing a lot about the experience. Anyway, I feel very lucky to have been able to connect with them on their show & even more so that Dave & I will be interviewing each of them in the future (stay tuned).

It was fun & hopefully, I was able to share some of my angst at how (I feel) my profession (often) drops the ball in the clinical setting with respect to the latest evidence.

The episode should be released tomorrow, so be sure to check it out at their website (here) or on ITUNES (the angriest trainer podcast here).

Why should you care about those guys?

Fitness ConfidentialVinnie Tortorich –  you can see his biography here.  He grew up fast & hard & has overcome more challenges in his first 5 decades than most of today’s generation could ever conceive of!  Despite all that Vinnie Tortorichor maybe because of it, he’s become a very down to earth guy, who really knows his stuff related to health, longevity & performance!  He is a trainer to the various celebrities & has been doing that gig for over 30 years.  He has written an amazing book called Fitness Confidential (here) with Dean Lorey (bio), and he’s done an audio version, which is very entertaining (lots of extras) of the book that you can snag here for free (through Vinnie’s site).  You have to check out his book in either form.  It’s very well written & is NOT your typical health book.  It’s really written like a fun story containing situations that will make you sad, get pissed off, laugh out loud and motivate you to get up off your ass run/ride an ultra marathon or at least hit the gym hard & of course not eat sugars or grains ever again!  All in all, a great book that could be a major part of your health & fitness library!  If nothing else it will rip your excuses from under you!

Ana Vocino – you can see her biography here. She is gorgeous and has an absolutely amazing sounding voice!  No surprise that she is a leading voice-over talent in Hollywood!  She has celiac disease and more recentlyANNA VOCINO has embraced the No Sugars/No Grains lifestyle & has seen great results!  She is an amazing cook & has created a site where you can access her Gluten Free recipes (here).  She has a new book coming out in the not to distant future, no ETA yet, but you can get updates directly from her site (here).

Now, Dave & I are just getting started, but I wanted to let you (our readers/listeners) know that we truly appreciate Vinnie & Anna for having me on their show & for agreeing to be on our show in the future.  I really wanted to let you know why I love & regularly listen to their PODCAST & why I love Vinnie’s books & am looking forward to getting Anna’s cook book once it is ready!

Be sure to show them some CMOH love!

Till next time!

Dan T

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