rantEP9 Dave and Dan Rant on the Health Industry

Today, Dave & Dan will RANT on the health industry as a whole!

We hope you enjoy listening, as much as we enjoyed the RANTING!

Enjoy this PODCAST in health & fitness!


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Dan T & Dave B

Things referred to during this episode

Vinnie Tortorich website (here).

Fitness Confidential by Vinnie Tortorich (here).

Dietitian being a reserved term, at least in Ontario (here).

Prior PODCAST on Gluten/Grain Free (here).

Obamacare in the USA (here).

CrossFit (here).

TRX (here).

Sugar Industry talk about healthy diet at Toronto High School (here).

Sugar and behavioral issues in kids (here) and (here).

Dangers of Industrial seed oils (here).

Epigenetics prior blog post (here).

Angriest Trainer PODCAST episode that Dan T was on (here).

Prior post on Canada’s Food Guide (here).

Pharmaceuticals on both ends of our food supply (here).

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