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It’s that time again!  Time for the malls to become super-crowded & if you go to church, all the people who never attend regularly will start piling in!  And more to our point, it’s time for our workplaces to become pitfalls of crappy food & sweet treats!

In Canada, once Halloween is done, which presents it’s own unique challenges (i.e. cheap candy), sights shift to Christmas in every retail outlet in the country!  Great for business, but challenging if you are trying to achieve or maintain a lifestyle goal over this time period!  I mean it makes sense doesn’t it… Santa has a Fat Ass.  He sits a lot (flying around in a sleigh – you thought your commute was bad!) and eats lots of sugars & grains (for crying out loud he eats milk, cokes & cookies at every house , right?!).  No wonder he’s dealing with some serious body fat gains.  He might be jolly, but it’s no joke, he’s actually got metabolic syndrome!!!!

Today Dave & I are going to discuss some of the best tips & strategies that we’ve seen work best for our clients to help YOU avoid losing progress over the holiday season!

Santa & the Holidays have often been used to peddle horrible lifestyle habits!  See these 2 pics of Santa peddling Coca Cola & Smokes!  GOOD TIMES!


Santa Smoking






So, you shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that the holidays are often used as a global excuse all when it comes to you achieving your goals!

It’s critical that you have your goal/outcome in mind & that you stick to behaviors that support that!

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