whole-grain-foodHi everyone! This week Dave & I geek out about Gluten Free! A very interesting, trendy & often mis-represented topic.  The goal we have for this episode is to clarify some Gluten Free & hopefully give you some info to determine if you want to give Gluten Free a try & if you do, then how to do it. I’ve touched on some of these points in two prior posts, one on Metabolism and Mental Health (here) and another on How to Heal your Gut and WHY (here), so be sure to read those over. Some Basic questions we hope to answer are: What is gluten & why so harmful? If I don’t have Celiac disease, do I really need to worry? What are other sources of similar compounds? Are gluten-free products really better for me?Wheat Flour Interesting highlights include:

Gliadin has been implicated as the main environmental factor in Celiac disease, when combined with genetic factors. Glutenin is leading cause in wheat allergy.

Gliadin stimulates Zonulin and this happens in almost 100% of people tested.  This does NOT necessary manifest as an immediate clinically relevant issue, but does mean that whole proteins are penetrating the gut wall and entering the blood stream more than they Importantly, even if someone test negative to Celiac (the test is NOT perfect) you could still have damage being done (by Gliadin) somewhere in your body – i.e. Gluten intolerance; in addition to weight gain & mental disorders. Other Prolamins other than Gliadin have been shown Proline-rich amino acids that seem to trigger cellular immune response in some Celiac Disease patients (here), suggest that traces of Gluten are NOT the only possible source of contamination for some people & that Gluten is NOT the only protein that can cause inflammation and an immune response. Enjoy this Episode in Health & Fitness!

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