bacon1I’m solo today because Dave B is out with Laryngitis!  In today’s Episode, I will be
ranting about & critiquing 3 cottonseed_oilrecent nutrition studies.

The studies that I looked at this week were:

a) Weight gain study suggests polyunsaturated oil healthier option (here).

b) Sugared soda consumption, cell aging associated in new study (here).

c) Eating breakfast increases brain chemical involved in regulating food intake, cravings (here).

Enjoy this PODCAST in health & fitness!

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Dan T & Dave B

Links referred to during this episode:

Better Cardiac Risk Biomarkers (here)

Prior post on Telomere Length (here)

Prior post on HUNGER (here)

High Protein breakfast and decreased hunger later (here) – I don’t necessarily agree that no breakfast is worse – especially if one is Fat-adapted. See prior post on intermittent fasting (here).

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