fg-ga_consultation_1-1_eRecently, there’s been press about the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) stating that one of their objectives is to advocate for change to the current Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating (CFG), you can see the full report here.   Pretty much everyone knows CFG is out of date, and completely economically driven (by FOOD PRODUCERS & COMPANIES).

In fact, if you are a Dietitian and are using that as your primary educational tool… SHAME ON YOU!  You need to crack open PUBMED and start reading about the cacophany of conditions that have been linked to high carbohydrate intake sugar-consumption-in-uk-and-usa(here), high grain product intake (here) and low fat intake (here).  Actually, I have summarized a lot of the metabolic problems deriving from a high grain, highly refined carb intake in a previous post here.

Furthermore, the epidemic of OVERWEIGHT and OBESITY in our society demands that we explore a better system.  I believe that by promoting a LOW FAT diet since the early 70’s in my humble opinion, we’ve created a tremendous amount of liver toxicity in the form of highly refined sugar intake.

So, while I applaud the CMA for growing a pair (finally) and stepping up, I think it’s a sad testament to how dis-empowered we are as a health discipline (Dietitians) that MD’s are the ones that have to help us clean up the mess that many of my colleagues have been perpetuating for decades (although years for the most recent version)!!  Frankly, it DISGUSTS me!  I’ve talked about all of this before in a previous post entitled we need to grow a pair (here).  It seems like somebody actually listened to me!

2ObesityPersonally, while I’m glad they are considering revising the guide, I believe it should be scrapped all together!  We should replace it with guidelines derived based on human evolutionary biology.  Those guidelines would NOT have grains or sugar in them at all (or at most sparingly), and my guidelines would promote MORE HEALTHY FATS, MORE QUALITY PROTEIN and obviously MORE VEGETABLES, as well as SOME FRUIT.  That’s it.  Nothing processed.  No allowance for sugar, because frankly we didn’t evolve to consume it.  Obviously, if you want to kick your heels up OCCASIONALLY then it’s all good, but putting in a daily allowance that is clearly there because food companies that pay for the guide want people to be able to use their most profitable products gives people the illusion that it’s okay to consume sugar every day, which IT IS NOT!  I
mean that’s one of the main reasons why we’re facing the metabolic challenges we are today!  I think that Sweden has it right with their recent dietary guidelines that made them the first country in the world to move away from high carb low fat towards a low carb higher fat approach (translated from Swedish by Google Translate here).

Well, that’s my opinion on this topic.  I hope you gained something out of it.  Obviously if you’re looking for someone to tell you that it’s alright to eat sugar regularly as part of your healthy diet, then you need to surf somewhere else!


Till next time.

Have an awesome day!

Dan T

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