How to get yourself to make lifestyle changes

Some are the things of legends.  Others are everyday.  And let’s face, some are down right boring… Everyone has one.  I’m talking about a story.  Not just any story, but specifically the story that brought you to the point in your life when making a change suddenly became a MUST! Honestly, this is what helps some people get themselves to make a lifestyle changes, while others are caught in a state of constantly starting over! This is absolutely critical.  Now you can let circumstances develop a story for you, or you can create a story before it gets to that & make change early!  This is obviously what I want for my clients.  Let’s make a change early enough to make a huge impact on your entire life! Therefore, that brings us to the question of the day…. WHAT IS YOUR STORY?

I created a tool that I use regularly with my clients, to help them make change.  I am providing it to you via the link below (AT NO CHARGE). This tool will guide you to create your own story.  Just go to the download page and add the tool to your cart.  When you follow the steps & create your story, you will be building leverage on yourself to make a significant change.  Although, I am more focused on healthy lifestyle change including eating, movement and psychology, obviously this tool & these principles could be used to make any change in your life at all. Please share your story or create one for yourself in the comments section to this post. Print it out & re-read it when you feel like you don’t want to do your workout that day or if you want to eat the crappy food at lunch that day, etc… I look forward to reading your story & perhaps we will motivate someone else to make a change!  Let’s do this! Till next time, Express your finest genes! Dan T



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