Back in part 1 of my 2 part series on REDEFINING WHY, I attempted to define how I was able to be lean & athletic and remain that way through incredible stresses up to about 10 years ago and more importantly why this seems more difficult currently (at 41 years).  In part 2, I’m hoping to take you through the process of establishing my new WHYs and creating my specific goals for the next few months. This might take this post & one more.
Out of Date WHYs:
A) Be the leanest & fittest man I can be in order to attract the woman of my dreams.
B) Be as healthy & strong as I can be in case MS strikes me down, I will be in better position to maintain strength & function, etc…
C) Be Warrior Fit.
Why these WHYs are obsolete to me now:
A) I’ve met & married the woman of my dreams.
B) My mother passed away of complications relating to her (30 year bout with) MS 2 years ago & my priorities have shifted from avoiding disease, to earning a living & caring for my family.
C) I have not consistently practiced martial arts for the last decade and a half & I’m no longer as focused on preparation for spontaneous kumites.  
Tony Robbins discusses 6 Master Steps to Change in a Powertalk session. I’ve adapted those here to walk you through how I developed my WHYs & how I intend to change my behaviors and start heading towards the attainment of my goals.  
6 Steps to Change:
1) Decide what DO you want & what might prevent you from getting it.
2) Create leverage (on yourself) to make the change a must.
3) Interrupt the current pattern.
A) Visualization
B) Experience
4) Implement the change using a positive behavior in place of the negative one (if applicable).
5) Condition the new behavior pattern, so it remains consistent.
A) Visualization
B) Role-Playing
6) Test the new behavior (pattern).
A) Visualization
B) Experience
Newer, more relevant WHYs:
A) Be the best living example of healthy, lean and strong man who is living the Paleo/Primal lifestyle for my family, friends, clients & the world.
B) Be a living example of what kind of change is possible through a well planned Paleo/Primal lifestyle for my family, friends, clients & the world.
C) Be the best example of health, fitness & longevity that I can be for my kids so they will be proud & strive to emulate my lifestyle.
D) Become as Warrior Fit as I can because I want to be able to defend my family at any moment, whatever comes.
These are WHYs that touch me more viscerally currently, so I know they’ll be more effective.

Now, if only this lifestyle could morph my face into Jason Statham’s (at right) then my acting career would really take off!!

My Leverage:
For making the changesI must achieve these changes because I have always been a man of my word. I am a healthy, lean & fit man who is a living example for those around him of what a healthy lifestyle can do. I now understand the importance of living a Paleo/Primal lifestyle & need to now implement these principles fully into my lifestyle in order be the living model of health, fitness & longevity! I need to become a living example of health, fitness & longevity & the power of the Paleo/Primal lifestyle in order to effect change at the policy level & to lead the charge amongst my fellow RDs.
I need to be a living example for my family and especially my kids in order for them to strive to emulate my lifestyle!  
Against not making the changes – If I don’t achieve my goals and successfully implement these lifestyle strategies then I will lose the respect of my friends & family and most importantly myself. My business & services will not thrive if I can’t be a living example of my lifestyle strategies. I will not be able to successfully effect changes at the policy level & amongst fellow RDs unless I am a living example of health, fitness & longevity!
My specific goals: Over the next 4 months, I will:
1) lose 4 inches off my waist (aiming for 1/2 inch every 2 weeks).
2) go to at least 2 CrossFit classes per week & will add in physical play activity (increasing weekly as weather here in Canada improves – horrible winter here this year.
3) consume a Paleo/Primal diet daily with on non-Gluten containing one cheat meal per week.
4) consume 100 g of carbohydrates or less daily.
These goals are mostly behavioral, meaning that I’m able to track my progress daily by seeing if I’m on track or not using a behavioral checklist. I discussed this in a previous post.
Although, this doesn’t guarantee success, since it can’t remove the daily stressors of a newborn + a 2 year old, working full time, pursuing a PhD (due end of 2015), blogging & running my business; these goals should increase my odds for success because of the 6 keys to psychological success as reported in Prev Medicine in 2004 which were:
A) Using Proven Strategy – Paleo/Primal has worked for thousands, why NOT me!
B) Using all available resources – Quality food obtained & source identified, Kitchen & Pantry cleaned out, Cooking tools ready to rock.
C) Integrated Social Support Structure for behavior change – My wife
is doing this with me + accountability to my readers = ultimate support system.
D) Self-Efficacy – my goals are broken down into smaller chunks to gain momentum & confidence.
E) Greater Outcome Expectations – 4 inches is significant.
F) Adequate time to form habit – I’m giving myself 4 months to fully embrace the lifestyle, but know that actual permanent change can take 1-2 years to become ingrained.

Well, I’m off & running (pun intended).

If you would like to do this also, feel free to share your step by step goals in the comments section!
Let’s rock this!
Take care,
Dan T

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