Hi everyone!

It’s been quite some time since my last post!  I was actively preparing for my Ph.D. Comprehensive exam over the last year and a half or so & I had to fly to Montreal twice for my Oral presentation & my Oral exam in November & December of 2013.  I passed both, so now I’m officially a Ph.D. candidate!! Apparently, I was breaking the law calling myself that before!

My wife & I are expecting our second bundle of joy (in February 2014) & our beautiful girl Keira is growing like a weed (2 years old later this month) & developing so many skills it’s tough to keep track.

Anyway, given my PhD prep schedule & the fact that up until about one month ago, I have been commuting 2 hours per day for work (for five years), and for the last 2 years (with PhD preparations & spending time with my expanding family) I haven’t been formally active at all, my health & conditioning has definitely suffered a major blow!

Last month right before I flew to Montreal for my Oral exam, we moved much closer to my work.  Now my commute is 20 min each way vs. 1 hour each way.  My goal is to spend some of this extra time with my family & some on bettering myself!!

However, I’ve been developing my plan for the last little while, since I knew that things would be different after the holidays. Today I set my plan in motion. I did my first (in quite sometime) Cross Fit class at a local box.  They seem quite good, they will push you, but also comprehend scaling, which is critical for injury prevention!

I will update you on how this going & post my before & after metrics & photos as things unfold.  In the meantime, I will leave you with this motivational poster I stumbled across.  ENJOY & Go out and get your goal!

I would like to invite you to share your commitments or success stories of change so that we can put them on internet (officially) & then of course, be accountable to them later.

Feel free to share your story or commitment by commenting on this post!  You can also share it via link if you have it on a blog already.

Have a great week!

Catch phrase coming soon!

Dan T

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