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“I was a competitive athlete in college and work and life circumstances led to me having significantly reduced activity and with that increased body fat and also had some negative metabolic markers starting to rear their ugly heads as well.  I struggled to find the right strategy and combination of foods to eat to achieve the fat loss that was my goal.

Dan helped me choose the right nutrition strategy and meal plan for my lifestyle.  It really is true, that the only plan that will work for you is the one you can stick with!  By implementing Dan’s strategy and meal plan I was able to shed 25 lbs and about 5% body fat over the last 3 months.  I’m confident that my lifestyle is healthier now and that my metabolic markers will have improved once I get those tested again.

I am grateful to Dan for customizing a lifestyle strategy and meal plan for me that I absolutely love and have adopted into my life.  If you’re on the fence, take a chance, and at least try buying your meal plan today.”


Ronald G

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“I reached out to Dan at a time when I had given up on the idea that I might finally take control of my weight and health. [At over 400 lbs I was feeling more unhealthy than ever.] Dan broke down all of the misconceptions I had about dieting with his in-depth knowledge of the available scientific research on the subject as well as his years of working with people in my situation. After trying fad diets for decades, Dan equipped me not only with a delicious, nutritious and effective menu, but also with an entire toolset to help me manage sleep, stress, exercise, and nutrition for the rest of my life.

I saw immediate results [losing 20lbs] on the scale, gaining a lot of energy and seeing my skin clear up in just my first month on the plan Dan designed for me. I also understood from working with him that the lbs on the scale are not the only marker of my success and that I need to see beyond mere weight loss.

I used to think that dieting was a lost cause for someone who has been struggling with weight for so long like I have. Dan helped me regain perspective on the manageable ways I can maintain weight loss and health in the long term. As I continue to incorporate techniques from the toolset Dan gave me, I am confident I will reach balance, energy and all around health, as well as weight loss. Thanks to Dan, I am no longer scared of failing. I will be returning to him throughout my journey for reliable, honest, and well researched answers to my questions.”

– Jessica D

Jessica D

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