Your lifestyle your choice

Your lifestyle your choice Over the last 14 years of experience as a Dietitian in Ontario, Canada, I’ve developed a few useful tools/concepts to help clients better achieve their goals.  During these thousands of interactions, some very striking trends/associations emerged.  As this “model” evolved, research started to provide evidence for the components of overall health […]

EP40 Interview with the most Ethical Dietitian I know

EP40 Interview with the most Ethical Dietitian I know On today’s show, I chat with one of the most ethical dietitians I’ve ever met, other than yours truly!  I’ve long been disappointed and annoyed by some of my colleagues and the organizations that represent my profession as a Dietitian.  And that is how I found Andy […]

EP30 Healthiest and Fittest Summer Ever

EP30 Healthiest and Fittest Summer Ever Today Dave and I talk about strategies to make this your healthiest and fittest summer ever!! Be sure to let us know your opinions & questions in the comments section. Also, be sure to share this on social media & Itunes as well. CONTEST REMINDER (Please use this written contest […]

EP22 The Truth in the Fools

EP22 The Truth in the Fools Today’s show is a tribute to April Fools Day!  We hope you enjoy our “twisted humor” look at some of the wacky ways that people have tried to battle the bulge throughout time! Enjoy the show! Talk to you next week! Dan T & Dave B Listen to Episode […]

STAY OUT OF KETOSIS… signed the weight loss industry!

 STAY OUT OF KETOSIS!!! Yes. That’s right.  The weight loss industry wants you to be afraid of ketosis so you will stay heavy and need to buy more crap to try to get lean!  Oh yeah. And grain producers & food companies want this too, because then you will be a “heavy user”. – YES.  […]

EP21 The Madness of March

EP21 The Madness of March March is here & there is definitely madness in the air.  Not just bracetology, but now is the time when we might start thinking about how to shed that excess winter weight (body fat) so that we can look better/good naked! In today’s show, we discuss how this time of year […]

EP20 What lies beneath common Thyroid issues?

EP20 What lies beneath common Thyroid issues? What lies beneath sounds like an awesome spine-tingling thriller movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford (here), and in one way that’s how we mean it too! In today’s show, we discuss the Thyroid.  Particularly, Hypothyroidism & how very common it is in the world of weight gain. […]

EP17 Get the F$*! up or die!

EP17 Get the F$*! up or die! No, it’s NOT the name of the latest Action movie starring Steven Seagal or Jason Statham.  But, it probably could be!  We’re talking about a strategy that we can all use to SAVE OUR LIVES!  Literally, getting up to prevent the negative effects of sitting too much! By […]

EP9 Dave and Dan Rant on the Health Industry

EP9 Dave and Dan Rant on the Health Industry Today, Dave & Dan will RANT on the health industry as a whole! We hope you enjoy listening, as much as we enjoyed the RANTING! Enjoy this PODCAST in health & fitness!   We hope you enjoyed this episode of Canadian Minds on Health the PODCAST!  Be sure […]

EP8 Santa has Metabolic Syndrome PROTECT YOURSELF!

EP8 Santa has Metabolic Syndrome It’s that time again!  Time for the malls to become super-crowded & if you go to church, all the people who never attend regularly will start piling in!  And more to our point, it’s time for our workplaces to become pitfalls of crappy food & sweet treats! In Canada, once […]

EP7 Zzzzzzzzombie apocalypse – why & how to sleep better

EP7 Zzzzzzzzombie apocalypse In today’s Episode, Dave & Dan discuss SLEEP and how important it is for health, performance & longevity! I did a post on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) (here). Read that one for a bit more info on that. Dave did an awesome post on SLEEP in general (here).  Read that for more info on […]

EP4 UNREAL TV The Biggest Loser

In today’s Episode, Dave & I will be Ranting on & critiquing the BIGGEST LOSER TV show. Dave did an excellent post on the Biggest Loser (here).  Read that one if you want a bit more info on the topic. Obesity is defined as too much body weight for the person’s height. It uses body […]

Is fat the root of all evil? NO. aka Ketogenic Diet

I was asked to briefly discuss my thoughts on the Ketogenic diet (KD).  I wrote a blog post in 2013 on whether or not low carb diets were the devil that they are often made out to be.  You can read that post here to get yourself warmed up before we dive in to this […]

The Paleo Diet…

I was asked to give a quick review of the Paleo diet for the Sports, Nutrition & Supplement Guide, a great new up & coming site dedicated to giving info on health, fitness, coaching & training!  Check it out by clicking on the banner on the Dietitian Dan T home page. I have many good things […]

What’s your story? How to get yourself to make lifestyle changes.

How to get yourself to make lifestyle changes Some are the things of legends.  Others are everyday.  And let’s face, some are down right boring… Everyone has one.  I’m talking about a story.  Not just any story, but specifically the story that brought you to the point in your life when making a change suddenly […]

Hunger. The Primal Trigger!

I was listening to a podcast by Maximusmark and he was interviewing Art De Vany, who I like to call the Godfather of Paleo/Primal! Anyway, they were discussing some of the concepts in Art’s book The New Evolution Diet, and talked about hunger as a motivation for exercise. Art described studies on mice and how […]

It has to be a lifestyle change!

Hi everyone! The end of January is upon us & hopefully you’re all well into adopting your new lifestyle goals as I am!  Progress report to follow later with pics & metrics. Anybody who has been playing this lifestyle change game for any length of time knows as well as I do that the odds […]

Macronutrient Partitioning

Today, I want to chat briefly about the concept of Macronutrient Partitioning.  This refers to the breakdown (percentages of total calorie intakes) of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that we eat.  This is a general overview of the topic.  If you want more details, I would suggest that you check out this blog post on Robb […]

Are Low Carb Diets the Devil?

Hi everyone, A quick disclaimer to go with my post.  I hope you find the information useful! Remember, I do not know your case at all.  Be sure to discuss this with your doctor or a health care provider who does know your case well, before attempting.  I am providing you with information to better understand […]

Lessons from a Dietitian to help optimize your odds of fat loss success!

Hi everyone, Please enjoy my take on some of the key things I’ve learned over my years consulting as a Registered Dietitian.  For more details you can see my profile.  I want all of you to know that I am embarking on a mission to more completely understand human nutrition. In the years that I’ve […]